Alianza Lima vs. the Cayman vs. Cienciano

Alianza Lima vs. the Cayman vs. Cienciano

Being one of the oldest football clubs in Peru, Alianza Lima was first named as Sport Alianza after it was organized on February 15, 1901. Success has been with this club ever since. But as it is known, success doesn’t happen without a taste of failure or any sort of hindrances. During its first decades, it had its chain of success but not until 1987 when almost all of the players including the staff were killed in the airplane crash.

Alianza Lima vs. the Cayman vs. Cienciano

Alianza Lima vs. the Cayman vs. Cienciano

However the tragedy did not hinder Alianza Lima to be back and continue its path towards the peak of success. In 2006, its football team was able to win in the League championship. While in 2009 and 2011, it became as a runner-up.

At this moment, Alianza Lima is one of the most distinguished football clubs and teams in the place. Because of its continuous achievements, it is not a wonder why a lot of people (even worldwide) are very familiar about it.

The Cayman

The Cayman Football Team is one of the best teams in Football. It is a national team under the Cayman Islands Football Association. The said association governs the program for the national team and leagues for youth development and women’s. Cayman Islands is also the premier league for men.

In November 11, the Cayman had its 181st world rank in International Federation of Association Football or FIFA.

The Cayman has already proven itself several times by means of competing with the other known football teams. Cayman had five matches with the opponent for every single competition. There are eight competitions in which Cayman participated in. The first opponent is Bodden Town, in which Cayman won two matches; the second opponent is Scholars International, in which the team won four matches; the third opponent is George Town, in which the team won one match; the fourth is the Elite, where in Cayman won in the single match; the fifth is the Sunset, in which the team also won in the single match; the seventh is the Academy, where in Cayman won again in the single match.

With that record, it is not so surprising if Cayman was recognized in FIFA as one of the best soccer teams worldwide.


Cienciano Football Club has its origin in 1901, when a group of students in National School of Science at Cusco, Peru established this club. At first, it took participations with various tournaments in Cusco. In 1988, its team received a tournament invitation from the southern region, and in 1991 it participated in the said tournament and luckily the team was able to win. A year after the team was able to play in the First Division.

For the history of its success, Cienciano Football team wasn’t able to grab any championship title in tournaments in Peru. It has always its close fight with Avianza Lima. But in 2003, a total recognition worldwide was given to Cienciano when it was able to grab its first ever international championship, together with its coach, Freddy Ternero.

In the latest record for this year, Cienciano has three wins within three matches against Melgar, Univ San Martin, and Sport Huancayo. In March 23, the team was able to gain two home scores against Melgar which has only one. In April 6, it has three home scores against one home score of Univ San Martin. While in 16th of the same month, it has one home score against Sport Huancayo who got zero.

Because of that record, Cienciano Football Club and Team performance has a pretty good rising statistics. So take your bet with Cienciano.