Inti Gas vs. Juan Aurich vs. Leon de Huanuco

Inti Gas vs. Juan Aurich vs. Leon de Huanuco
Inti Gas vs. Juan Aurich vs. Leon de Huanuco

With all of the different teams in football, for sure you have your own bet too. But wait a sec and get yourself even more familiar with one of the leading teams in football, the Inti Gas.

Inti Gas with its location at Ayacucho, Peru is really a type of football club where a lot of viewers feel energetic every time they watch the games where its team takes participation. Some of them even get nostalgic and can’t just get over with how incredibly the Inti Gas plays.

Inti Gas vs. Juan Aurich vs. Leon de Huanuco
Inti Gas vs. Juan Aurich vs. Leon de Huanuco

Inti Gas vs. Juan Aurich vs. Leon de Huanuco

For the latest update, Inti Gas has its consecutive wins against different teams for this year 2014.  On June 9, it had an equal score of 1-1 against Alianza Lima; on June 15, it has beaten Sport Huancayo with the scores 3-1; on June 22, it made another smash against Cienciano with the scores 3-1; however on June 29, it temporarily pave its way to Sporting Cristal with the score 0-3.

But one thing is promised by Inti Gas players to its avid supporters, they will regain their might by winning in the next competitions against different teams. They will see to it that all of the high scores will be in their favour all the way from their opponents.

Juan Aurich

Juan Aurich – a football club and team had its foremost success wayback in 2007. During that time, Juan Aurich was promoted to Primera Division through Copa Peru. Its second success happened in 2011 when the team defeated Alianza Lima, another known team in Peru, and grabbed the 2011 Torneo Descentralizado championship title.

Here are the latest updates regarding the performance of Juan Aurich for this year 2014 so that you will know even better how determined its players are to gain the total victory in football. On May 19, it defeated Real Garcilaso with the scores 1-0; on June 8, it won against San Simon with the scores 2-1; on June 15, gave the winning title within the short term to Cesar Vallejo with the scores 0-2; on June 22, the team regained itself after competing against Leon de Huanuco with the scores 2-1; and on June 30, it competed against Alianza Lima and unfortunately none of the two won because both of them got zero for the score.

With the unstoppable good performance of Juan Aurich, be ready to watch out for its following competitions against different teams. Maybe after those competitions, Juan Aurich will be waving its triumphant flag.

Leon de Huanuco

Leon de Huanuco is founded in 1946 and is the biggest football club in Huanuco City. Like any other competitors in football, Leon de Huanuco has already gained many titles. However, it has decades of rivalry with Alianza Unibersdad.

For this year 2014, here is the latest update regarding the performance of Leon de Huanuco. On May 12, it had its triumph over Inti Gas Deportes with the scores 2-1; on May 19, it defeated Union Comercio after the two had a very close fight with the scores 4-3; on June 8, the team temporarily gave the higher score to Real Garcilaso with the scores 3-1; on June 16, it had a tie with its opponent Univ San Martin with the score 1-1; on June 22, the winning score was again attributed to Juan Aurich with the scores 2-1; but on June 28, a big bang came back to Leon de Huanuco after smashing San Simon with the total score of 4-0.

For the whole month of July, Leon de Huanuco is scheduled to participate in the competition against Cesar Vallejo, FBC Melgar, Alianza Lima, Sport Huancayo, Cienciano and Sporting Cristal. So continue the thrill by taking your bet with Leon de Huanuco, and probably you will get the chance too to win.