Legendary Boxer’s tips to Success

Legendary Boxer's tizps to Success
Legendary Boxer's tips to Success

Most books define success as the completion of a specific objective or reaching a goal, in a specific period of time. It is also the fulfillment of someone’s desires through hard work. A self-centered definition runs this way—Success provides satisfaction to a person after doing his best for a dream. However, moving forward to success will require you to take several steps. The path may not be as smooth as driving a race car.

The process may be like sailing a boat wherein constant effort is needed to keep it moving. On the journey, storm and heavy rains might come along the way. Courage and faith will save a person from being drowned. Aside from material wealth, success includes good health, happy relationship, and freedom to do everything that will make him happy.

Legendary Boxer's tizps to Success
Legendary Boxer’s tips to Success

Set Your Goals with Legendary Boxer’s tips to Success

If you can be able to set such goal, it will definitely help you manage your time effectively. For example if there are some things that you want to attain in your life, it is best to set and focus your eye on that goal. You have to be motivated when setting goal. For example if you want to lose weight in just a matter of a month or two, all you need to do is to have the right motivation and time management to achieve this.

Time Wasters

Knowing the things that waste your precious time is important because this is where your time management is affected. For example, if you are at work instead of doing your job or reading imperative email from your boss, you are just wasting your time by playing network games, texting or facebooking. There’s nothing wrong with these activities as long you are done with your job. After all, we also need to relax as well.


Do the most important task or duty before anything else. For example if there are some deadlines, be sure to prioritize the tasks according to its target time or date. This make this is an important thing for you to manage your time effectively.

If you cannot prioritize the tasks that need to be done on time, it can be difficult for you to complete or accomplish them on time. As a result, deadlines cannot be met and it will certainly affect your performance at work.

Create a Daily Habit

Creating everyday habit is very important also in order for you to obtain the best time management. Try to wake up and sleep at the same time every day. If you have this every habit, it would be easy for you to do the things you need to do.  Once you create a good routine every day, it would not be hard for you to manage your time effectively.


You need to know the importance of self-help as this can be one of the tools that you can use to have an effective time management. If your office mate is kept on chatting with you during office hours, it is important to control yourself. Time management will start within yourself, so it is you who can decide if you want to manage time.

Know yourself

It will be easier for a person to make an action towards his goal if he knows himself. Setting a goal in mind before taking a step is also important. For an instance, a person who loves educating young people probably wants to pursue a career in teaching. He must know about his values and priorities in life. Between starting a business and applying for educational career, one might get confused on what to choose. However, if one really wants to apply his knowledge and expertise in teaching, there’s no need.