The U.S National Soccer and the Impact of SNHU with Major League Soccer

The U.S National Soccer and the Impact of SNHU with Major League Soccer
The U.S National Soccer and the Impact of SNHU with Major League Soccer

On  July 21st, 2016 at Chicago, the schedule for the Olympic game 2016 has been released. The women’s Olympic Soccer competition is planned to begin on the 3rd of August, 2016. The U.S team is going to begin its competition of the group G against the New Zealand team. The U.S Women National team will introduce a new kit during 2016 Olympic, this summer. The Nike exclusively produces the kit for the women’s team to wear in the World cup championship in Brazil. On July 23rd onwards, the Olympic Jerseys will be available for purchase.

After the winning  of the Women’s World cup, it is the first country to win the Women’s Soccer Olympic game for four times out of five games. On Thursday morning, July 21st, 2016 draw to decide the semifinal host and priority of hosting for Lamar Hunt U.S Open Cup Finals 2016, in Chicago. New Zealand will host the first semifinal U.S Open Soccer cup on August 9th, 2016. The possible rematches of last open Cup Finals are going to take part in the 2016 championship game.

The kickoff time and exact date for 2016 Lamur Hunt U.S Open Cup Finals will be later announced. On 22nd July 2016, the Real Salt and Kyle Beckerman made their unbeaten record of match faced with David Bingham, Chris Wondolowski and San Jose Earthquakes, who win on the road. July 23rd holds at the weekend’s play beginning with the Portland Timber and Darlington Nagbe hosting for the U.S Open Cup Semifinals to be held on Aug 9th, 2016 and England will receive Chicago.

SNHU Impact with Major League Soccer

The Southern New Hampshire University celebrates the year of community on July 22, 2016. SHNU along with Major League Soccer, awards more than 80 scholarships to families and communities over the country. Due to this, the retired and the present players have continued their studies thus making their career safe after the ending of their professional play. A new program launched by the Soccer Foundation, U.S, a 20-for-20 Mini Picth game provides a safe place for the thousands of children to play soccer. The Major League Soccer has 20 clubs all over Canada and the U.S, the headquarters is located in the New York city. The U.S media right partnership has initiated the 2016 season for the second year.

The U.S National Soccer and the Impact of SNHU with Major League Soccer
The U.S National Soccer and the Impact of SNHU with Major League Soccer

SNHU Charitable Program, Kick-Start

The SNHU Kick-Start program is launched in 2016 during Major League Soccer All-star week. The charitable program provided by the U.S Soccer Foundation help the children to  create healthy habits and improve life skills. The Kick-Start program is started to retain soccer fans by cheering them to show off their skills during the events and games conducted by MLS. The Kick-Start program will take place during Saturday to Thursday of every week at San Jose, including MLS All-Star during Wednesday, July 27 of the coming week. During this time, the funds are raised and the community remains it for benefitting the soccer players in the local areas, which helps more than 750 children surrounding the Bay area of San Jose.

20-for-20 Mini Pitch

The SNHU will unite with MLS programs, the various MLS associates will reveal the 13th Mini Pitch during the  MLS All-Star community day, which is to be held on July 27th, 2016 at Steam Academy, Ocala. The MLS promotes the 20-for-20 Mini Pitch initiative to develop 20 mini pitches in forbidden communities over North America. It increases the growth of the Soccer game and also provide a safe place for the children within a soccer environment.