What is Wing Chun?

What is Wing Chun?

The Wing Chun is also called as Ving Tsun or Weng Chun. The Wing Chun is popular in China. It is martial art there that is mainly used for closed-range fight. It is a trapping and striking art that uses punches, kicks, knee strikes, elbow strikes and open-handed procedures which frequently in quick series. Wing Chun Kung Fu is a Chinese martial art, which means eternal spring.

What is Wing Chun?

What is Wing Chun and its history

The history of the Wing Chun is deliberately infusing of legend and fact. It is a martial art started in the 17th century and originated in Southern Shaolin temple in China. During this period, the invaders came to begin their firm rules and want to keep control in China. The Shaolin monks in the temple met countless pressure and vital destruction to the temples because of their provision on behalf for the Ming. Because of these incidents, the sources of Wing Chun as martial arts are lacking of consistent records.

The most spread story and common legend of Wing Chun Origin is the Buddhist nun Ng Mui. She was one of the survivors of the Shaolin sect. She has a high ability in Shaolin martial arts inspired with Wing Chun. Yim Wing-Chun was forced to married a bandit warlord, that the reason she wanted to learn to fight and to defend herself from the bandit. Based from the legend, Ng Mui trained Yim Wing-Chun the system of the martial arts she knew. The Wing Chun is named after Yim Wing-Chun.  She was the first student of Ng Mui.

Wing Chun Techniques

The Wing Chun is performed in a fast and unpredictable speed. It should have solid focus when doing the defensive trapping and blocking.

There are certain techniques that Wing Chun has. The following are hand techniques of Wing Chun:

  • Bui Sao
  • Bong Sao
  • Fak Sao
  • Fook Sao
  • Gaun Sau
  • Gum Sau
  • Huen Sau
  • Ju-Cheung
  • Jum Sau
  • Jut Sau
  • Kau Sau
  • Kop Sau
  • Kop Jarn
  • Kwan Sau
  • Lan Sau
  • Lap Sau
  • Lin Wan Kuen
  • Mann Sau
  • Pak Sau
  • Pie Jarn
  • Po Pai Cheung
  • Tan Sau
  • Tie Sau
  • Wu Sau

The Famous Practitioners of Wing Chu

  • Bruce Lee
  • Robert Downey Jr.
  • Yip Man

What is good about Wing Chun Martial Arts?

The good about Wing Chun martial arts or Kung Fu is that it has physical health benefits. Although, there is no such very perfect martial art to do. The Wing Chun is easy to learn if you focus in every detail of what the instructor thought and demonstrate. There are schools that offer of training and mastering the Wing Chun Kung Fu for you to learn all the moves and techniques of it.

The Wing Chun has great principles and well-mannered techniques that are good to learn and master. This is taught for self-defense. It never requires great agility or flexibility and strength that is good for any build of a person. The good thing about it is that you will not learn complicated series of moves. The learning you acquire from Wing Chu is that you surely use it in a real fight.

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